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Horizon a true cloud ERP solution for Local Government


SolOrient is an Australian owned company with over 25 years experience in Local Government.

At SolOrient, our vision is to be the business solutions partner of choice to local government throughout Australia, utilising appropriate technologies and methodologies to solve their business solution requirements.


With a number of years collective experience in information Technology.

SolOrient provide a wide range of services that address many aspects of business. The SolOrient team has over 90 years combined experience in local government and corporate systems, enterprise software development, project management, ecommerce, support and training.


Utilising technologies such as Json, XML, Java, SpringBoot and HTML5. 

We have a technology suite that is state-of-the-art, open source using Business rules, Workflow engines and REST API's.

Horizon is a true cloud base solution.


SolOrient was established by a team of highly motivated and innovative professionals, all with extensive experience in information technology, Local and State Government sectors.

After experiencing first hand the antiquated and poor quality of Local Government solutions available, the team decided to design a completely new solution that not only combined all the features expected for Local Government with their own visionary ideas, but could also be installed easily and run client free on the web.

We have a highly skilled and passionate workforce that is committed to meeting the agreed business solution requirements of councils.

We utilise an effective set of methodologies that allow us to define and build software in a competitive manner.

We are committed to advancing our platform and products, as new technologies suitable for our local government clients are made available.

We have an architecture that allows us to supply a common platform that can be tailored to the specific needs of individual councils.

Our target market is local government. With our collaboration partners and attending conferences we seek to spread the SolOrient message.

We seek to develop business with small to medium sized councils, who are innovative, seek to participate in a collaborative arrangement, and see the application of information management and knowledge systems to enhance organisational performance.



Horizon ERP can be accessed from any device at anytime with an internet connection, enabling staff access to business critical functions. Horizon is a powerful, ERP software solution that meets the needs of today's local government authorities, with pre-configured workflows and templates to help fast track implementation.

Horizon is built on proven, open source technologies and deploys consistently on all major browsers on your desktop computer, tablet, notebook or phone providing staff with the full power of Horizon in their hands.


Outcomes-Based Delivery through Citizen Engagement.

Horizon CRM is focused an Outcomes-Based Delivery:
          Business Outcomes
          Organisational Enablement
          Technology delivery

All three are required for a citizen to succeed. Our methodology for each will allow citizens to use and drive their success.

Horizon CRM unlocks data across the enterprise application networks, so that organisations can easily deliver new service channels, increase operational efficiency, and create differentiated citizen experiences.

Horizon MyCouncil works hand in hand with Horizon CRM.


MyCouncil is free app that allows citizens to easily report feedback to any Council in Australia.

This app is also integrated directly to Horizon allowing Council to receive the request directly into Horizon ERP and have progress of the request sent directly back to the citizen.


Horizon Document Store is a true web based document management system which is GDA compliant.

Document Profiling of electronic documents is made easy, simply scan a batch of documents and load ready for profiling and allocation.

User security levels and Confidentiality groups secure documents based on roles and positions in the organisation.

Folders can be established to organise documents.

All documents are securely held in a restricted database and indexed for full text searching.


Horizon Application Portal provides planning and building application information to comply with the General Information (Public Access) Act has never been easier.
The Portal enables Council to provide to their community and the wider public an easy to use enquiry mechanism on development applications, construction certificates, complying developments lodged and/or determined in the current week/month or previous week/month. Combining the list of applications with visual representation on a map view enables wider access to information.


Horizon Cemetery Portal is a way for people to easily locate their deceased relatives within the cemetery controlled by Council.

Advanced search capabilities, and map with pointer for the location of each cemetery,


Horizon WaterMeter App enables the reading of water meters through an Apple iPad or Android devices like Samsung Galaxy.

Horizon WaterMeter communicates to a web server to enable the uploading and downloading of meter details from the corporate application. Horizon WaterMeter can function through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), Wireless Network, or in offline mode. To provide real-time updating of the corporate application. 

"the game changing ERP solution you'll need"

Maitland City Council

"With principals of the company having over 90 years of combined experience working in and for Local Government in NSW is very reassuring when determining to partner with SolOrient. Their unique approach to the business issues facing local government is a refreshing change for our industry. We are extremely buoyed by their knowledge as well as their fresh approach to Local Government systems using the latest in technology and architecture. SolOrient offers a technically advanced and very cost effective solution.
What SolOrient have demonstrated is a unique collaborative approach and a solution that is completely different to traditional solutions. This will provide an easy to use system that will enable change management to be less significant than other solutions." says Maitland City Council 

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